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Downloadable Book Chapters

These Chapters from the book may be freely duplicated provided they are done so in their entirety.

The Natural Law Remedy to TSA Airline Security Groping
This article is given out as an aid in the fight against the TSA. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of natural law in that section because there is not much leeway to disobey (regardless of your right to travel), and it is therefore not representative of the book. But it gives activists an understanding of the TSA law, and something to argue in court.

Section 48: The Presumption of Liberty
This section is more representative of the book.


Other documents

The LAWFUL Remedy to Tyranny - Workbook
This free download provides a succinct summary and step by step procedure for applying the principles of the book.

Primer on the Grand Jury, Common Law, Natural Law, and Equity
All court citations have been verified and have not been overturned on the point cited.  The Primer explains the source of power of the grand jury, what the common law is, what a statute is, what natural law is, and what equity is. Many other topics.


Recommended Sources

Designed for Plunder: How the Federal Reserve Took Your House, Job, and Savings
This is the most important issue facing us. Unless this system is corrected, out nation cannot survive. Learn the inner mechanics of how our monetary system works, and the proper solution. Our debt-money system creates mathematically unpayable debt which transfers all the wealth to the banksters.  52-pages.

Abolish the Federal Reserve, Gold is a Bad Choice
This YouTube video in 2 parts is a concise summary of the problem and the solution to our debt-money system: The charts are most important; don't skip them.

You have a right to remain silent
Remember the Miranda warning? When the police ask you a question, you do not have to answer. This YouTube video is an example of how it is done: But if the police have probable cause that a crime is being, has been, or will be committed, (in this case, you smell of alcohol or you were swerving), they can escalate as appropriate.

The Power of "No"
Rosa Parks just said "no"; and marijuana laws are being nullified by states just saying "no", with no teeth in the laws:

Where to go for truthful news
Go to You can listen to his daily broadcast via internet stream or radio, or download his archives. You can find his videos and movies on his Youtube channel.

How to Disobey Unjust Laws
A 12 minute video is available on YouTube.

The Grand Jury
The Grand Jury is independent of government control, and individuals can use it to bring any government official to answer for abuse. See here.

How to Deal With Police
Practical important how-to's in dealing with police on YouTube: TheAntiTerrorist on dealing with the Police. Be sure to watch both parts and the Addendum:



Man legally carrying a gun is detained, and educates the police
This man was detained even though he wasn't breaking any law. He would not allow illegal police activity, would not even show his ID when demanded. Being a law student, he was able to cite numerous court opinions regarding his rights:


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